Dr. Marcella Wilson/Is Your Job Safe From AI?

Is Your Job Safe From AI?

Monday, April 08, 2024

Hey there!

Are you as pumped about the solar eclipse today as I am? It's just another stunning display of God's handiwork in nature.

But, you know, it got me thinking... Just like an eclipse briefly turns day into “night,” AI is shaking things up in the job world in a big way.

So, everyone's buzzing with the question, "Are our jobs even safe anymore?" And I figured, what better time than now, with all this eclipse excitement, to chat about how AI, much like this celestial event, is totally redefining our work landscape. But hey, don't worry—I've got some cool ideas on how to ride this wave and come out on top.

Did you realize that during an eclipse, there are all these stars and planets that pop into view, hidden by the sun's glare on any other day? That's kinda what's happening with AI right now. It’s not here to take over; it’s more about giving us a leg up. By handling the humdrum tasks, AI frees us (humans) up to tackle jobs that require creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking. It’s like the universe giving us a nudge to look at things from a fresh angle, unveiling opportunities we didn't even know were there.

But let’s keep it real for a sec—sure, some of the more repetitive jobs may become obsolete because of AI's automation. Yet, the jobs that really need a human touch, like those needing a dose of creativity, a heart, or some serious strategy, those are glowing brighter than ever, thanks to the boost from AI. And in areas like healthcare or education, where it’s all about that personal connection, AI will be used as just another tool in the kit, not a replacement.

So, what’s the game plan? Here are a few moves you might wanna consider for job security:

Keep Learning: Just like those stargazers who never stop exploring the sky, staying in the loop with AI stuff is key. Picking up new skills, especially around AI and tech, could really amp up your career game.

Stay Flexible: Like the night sky that’s always changing, being ready to adapt to new roles or paths that AI might bring our way is the way to go.

Polish Those Soft Skills: In those moments when the world seems a bit dimmer, your human qualities are what make you shine. Remember, AI cannot replicate our communication, leadership, empathy, and creativity.

Team Up with AI: Figure out how to make AI work for you, kind of like how a telescope brings those distant stars a little closer. Understanding how to use AI tools in your field can make you invaluable as the bridge between technology and human insight.

Find Your Niche: Consider specializing in fields that require deep expertise and human judgment. Those areas that really need the human touch are where you'll always have a spot, just like the sun's always there behind the moon, no matter what.

Long story short, let's not just brace for this AI "eclipse"—let's welcome it with open arms!

AI is here to stay and will affect all aspects of work across all fields. Employers, companies and businesses will increasingly use AI because it will save them lots of time and money. This is a fact.

But this whole AI shift? It’s not a storm cloud over our careers; it's a chance for a major glow-up. Just like we marvel at the beauty of an eclipse, let’s dive into this AI journey with that same sense of awe and readiness to adapt. This way, our careers are bound to dazzle even brighter once the “eclipse” fades.

Tomorrow, I will talk about those jobs that will probably be wiped out by AI. So look out for that...

To a brighter tomorrow!

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