Dr. Marcella Wilson/ChatGPT is About to Kill These Jobs

ChatGPT is About to Kill These Jobs

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

We all have to work in order to earn income so we can live. But should we be worried about AI taking our jobs?

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the conversation around AI, particularly ChatGPT, and its impact on various job sectors is hotter than ever. Today, I want to talk about how ChatGPT is reshaping the work world, not with a doom-and-gloom forecast, but with a lens of optimism and adaptability.

Let’s take a look at some jobs that AI might put on the chopping block...

Tech jobs like entry-level coders, developers, and data scientists might feel the heat because ChatGPT can churn out code at breakneck speeds. But, here's the catch, ChatGPT can make mistakes. This is where human ingenuity comes into play. ChatGPT can be used to do entry-level coding but humans are still needed to make sure that the code does not have bugs or errors in it. If you have this type of job, you shouldn’t view ChatGPT as a replacement. Use it as a powerful tool that can enhance your work.

Shifting gears to education, there's been a lot of buzz about students using ChatGPT to complete their assignments. But, the prospect of ChatGPT stepping into the shoes of educators has flown under the radar. The thought of ChatGPT instructors can put teachers' livelihood at risk. And even though there is the potential for errors and inaccuracies in knowledge, ChatGPT can be easily trained to teach a course. The verdict is still out on this one with online learning becoming more popular. My advice, brush up on your skills to stay marketable.

In the legal arena, the sheer volume of data analysis, brief writing, and document drafting makes it ripe for AI integration. ChatGPT could significantly streamline these tasks and enhance efficiency. However, this doesn't spell the end for paralegals and legal assistants. In these positions, ChatGPT should be used as a tool, not a complete replacement. However, a law firm may need less paralegals and legal assistants as AI will allow them to boost productivity dramatically.

Now, let's talk media jobs. Content creators, social media managers and writers infuse their work with a unique human judgment that AI can't fully mimic. ChatGPT can definitely turbocharge productivity, but it won't replace the nuanced understanding and creativity that humans bring to the table. My advice, if you have a media job, you should definitely learn how to use ChatGPT in order to reduce your workload and supercharge your productivity.

So, where does this leave us? Personally, I don't foresee AI completely obliterating these jobs anytime soon. What's more likely is a reshaping of roles, where AI tackles the mundane, allowing humans to focus on the more creative, strategic aspects of their jobs. But, with AI's trajectory pointing skyward, staying employable means embracing this change, upskilling, and integrating AI literacy into your skill set.

The bottom line? AI, particularly tools like ChatGPT, is not the bogeyman of the job market. It's a catalyst for transformation, pushing us towards a future where technology and human ingenuity coalesce, creating a workspace that's not just efficient but also profoundly creative and adaptive. So, if your job seems like it's on the AI radar, now's the time to learn ChatGPT and make it work for you.

I am here to help you to learn ChatGPT...

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